Deforum Studio: Image Prompt Guide

A detailed guide for using Image Prompts.

Image Prompts

Unlock the potential of image prompts, a dynamic tool for infusing your animations with the composition and style of images.

To utilize image prompts, simply toggle the switch located under the text prompt box to access the image selector.

Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 8 29 13 AM

Upon activation, a new section dedicated to image prompts will appear. Here’s how to proceed:

  • Click within the image window to upload an image from your computer or utilize drag and drop functionality.
  • Supported formats include JPEG and PNG, with a file size limit of 5MB.

Screenshot 2024-02-18 at 8 30 29 AM

Additionally, you’ll find an image influence slider designed to blend between image and text prompts. The slider offers five strength settings ranging from very low to very high.


You have the flexibility to generate your animation solely from an image by setting the influence to very high. Alternatively, combine text prompts and prompt styles with an image prompt using lower influence settings. For a closer reproduction of the original image, set the prompt style to none and either leave the text prompt blank or input text that aligns with your image. Motion presets can also be applied in conjunction with image prompts.

Important Note: Please exercise responsibility when using image prompts and adhere to our Terms of Service when selecting your image. We have NSFW filtering in place for image uploads; however, users attempting to circumvent this or repeatedly uploading NSFW images will be removed from the service without a refund.

Integrate image prompts into your creative process with Deforum Studio!

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