Deforum Studio: Information Policy

Learn about what information Deforum collects from users

Information Policy

What information does Deforum collect from users?

Deforum collects the information you provide while interacting with our services. This includes:

  • Personal identification like your username
  • Inputs such as text or image prompts
  • Participation in public chats
  • IP address
  • Billing information
  • Contact details including email address
  • Any other information voluntarily shared with us

How long is personal data stored?

We retain your information as long as it is necessary for providing services and for other legitimate purposes such as service maintenance, account management, and objectives outlined in our Privacy Policy. This is also subject to legal requirements.

Where is the personal data stored?

All personal information is securely stored on Deforum servers located in the US. We are committed to not transferring your data to entities or countries without robust security and privacy safeguards.

Does Deforum sell personal data?

No, Deforum does not engage in the sale of personal information.

Who can submit a request to delete personal data?

Any current or former user of Deforum’s services can submit a data deletion request. There are no geographic restrictions on such requests.

What information is needed to process a data deletion request?

To process your deletion request, we require:

  • Your username
  • Email address linked to your Deforum account

Please send this information with your request to

How long does a data deletion request take?

We aim to respond to your request within 45 days. If more time is required, we’ll let you know, with a maximum extension up to 90 days. After confirming the data you wish to delete, we’ll remove it from our systems within 1-2 weeks.

What are the rights you give to Deforum?

By using our Services, you grant Deforum:

  • A perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, sublicensable, royalty-free, irrevocable copyright license
  • The rights to reproduce, modify, display, perform, distribute, and create derivative works from the text and image prompts you input
  • The right to handle assets you produce through the Service

This license continues even after any termination of this Agreement.

For more detailed information, please refer to our Terms of Service.

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