Deforum Studio: Subscription FAQ

Learn about the Deforum Studio subscriptions plans, and how to modify your subscription.

Subscription Plans

Deforum Studio offers three subscription tiers. Opt for a month-to-month payment for a discount, or make a one-time top-up fee. Each plan includes access to the Deforum community gallery, our official Discord, general commercial usage terms, and more.

How to Subscribe

To get started, visit the Deforum Subscription Settings and select either the Top-up now or Subscribe and Save option to receive a discount for monthly payments.

Billing and Subscription Help

Have questions? We’re here to help. Contact us at for all billing and subscription inquiries.

General Commercial Terms

Subscribed or bought credits? You’re free to use your videos almost any way you want. Creative freedom is just a subscription away.

Subscribe to a Plan

Ready to dive in? Begin your subscription journey by visiting the Deforum Subscription Settings.

Payment Methods

We currently accept the following payment methods, courtesy of Lemon Squeezy:

  • Credit or debit cards (Mastercard, VISA, American Express)
  • Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Cash App Pay (available in select regions)
  • PayPal

Manage Your Plan

Adjust your subscription settings anytime here.

Monthly Renewal

Credits don’t disappear! Unused credits will roll over to the next month, and new credits are added with each monthly renewal.

Switch Plans

Change your mind? Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Immediate upgrades are offered at a prorated price, while downgrades are effective at the end of the current cycle. Make the switch here.


You can cancel your subscription at any moment here. Cancellations are effective at the end of the current billing cycle, and your unused credits will roll over.

Cancellation Image


Due to the nature of our business, refunds are not available at this time. For more information, reach out to

Buy More Credits

Running low on credits? No worries, you can top up before your next renewal here. Credits are sold in packs of 20, with prices varying by your subscription plan.

  • No subscription: $8
  • Explorer plan: $6.75
  • Pro plan: $5

Purchased credits never expire — use them whenever you like, subscription or not.

Account Information

Check your credit balance, queued jobs, generated videos, and renewal dates here.

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